Plant Me, Thank You

With our path of sustainability, from organic ingredients to re-useable packaging, we present to you our plantable thank you cards! Not only are they shaped as mother Africa and link you to our socials, but it grows into a plant! Our Plant Seed Paper is 100% handmade with recycled paper and embedded with botanical seeds inside. Watch your thank you card turn into a pot of vegetables, beautiful herbs, or flowers. Our acts of reusable packaging and plantable thank you cards are geared towards growing a sustainable and better tomorrow.


  1. Plant this paper under ½ centimeter layer of soil in a pot/tray
  2. Water regularly and keep the soil moist
  3. Place the pot in sunshine

Plants vary from mint, basil, lavender, tomato, and pepper. You will start seeing growth between one to two weeks depending on the plant. Whether you plant it in your backyard, or the card makes its journey to a faraway city, the card will grow and benefit us on this Earth. 

The size is about 16 cm x 11 cm.

thank you card




We take pride in having Earth friendly and re-useable packaging. Below are some of the sustainable packaging offered for the products!
mason jar msb
mason jar dimensions amber glass body cream
amber glass jar dimensions
bamboo cover lip balm jar
bamboo jar dimensions
bamboo lip balm tub
bamboo lip balm tube dimensions