Zero Waste Products for Your Bathroom

Zero Waste Products for Your Bathroom

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a world of zero waste? What would you do if there ever comes a time when you have to live without plastic? Not a trace of non-recyclable plastic. Learn all about the importance of zero waste and sustainable living in this article.

Table of Contents

  • Zero-Waste – What is it? Why Is It So Important?
  • Harmfulness of Plastics
  • How to have Zero Waste Bathroom
  • FAQs on Zero Waste Living

🍃Zero-Waste – What is it? Why Is It So Important?

Zero-waste means to eliminate household trash so nothing–zero–ends up in the landfill. Items that end up in landfills are typically in packaging that everyday items are stored in. Living a zero-waste lifestyle can start with refusing to purchase products stored in plastic and non-biodegradable materials that constantly end up in landfills. In addition, reducing the number of toxins in your life and your environment. Zero-waste is an exaggerated term, but only to further convey the message of having nothing go to the landfill and polluting the world. 

❌Harmfulness of Plastics

According to research, it is estimated that the global beauty industry produces more than 120 million units of packaging each year, and packaging accounts for 70% of the industry's waste. Plastics are composed of toxic chemicals that are manmade and can cause long-term harmful health effects. There are still countless products packaged in plastics with BPA, bisphenol A, an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics since the 1950s. Products packaged in BPA plastics have been linked to certain health defects:

🍃How to Have Zero Waste Bathroom

How here’s how you can start zero-waste living in your bathroom. There are many simple ways to start zero-waste living in your bathroom. One can start gradually changing everyday items they use in their home to zero-waste. Here are the most common and easiest ways to use zero-waste in your bathroom:

We have linked some of our favorite zero waste and sustainable products on the list above!

All and all, as long as these products are not packaged in harmful plastics that end of in landfills, then that is the start of zero-waste living. Zero-waste living is not all just about reducing the use of plastic packaging, but reducing the purchase of unnecessary items–items that society says you need, but do not. With a little transformation in our regular lifestyle, we can create a huge change. Some effort is better than no effort at all. Let us, together, try our best to spread the word, starting with our nearest and dearest to the whole world, about the immediate need to start a zero-waste lifestyle to reduce landfills.

  • 🍃FAQs on Zero Waste Living
      • Is zero-waste waste really possible? 
        • Yes it is possible, but not in every industry yet. Zero-waste has entered the beauty, fashion, home appliances, and grocery industries; however, it hasn’t entered industries like automotive, technology, and construction. 
      • Can zero-waste improve climate change?
        • Climate change refers to long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns. So you might ask how loofah sponges can shift temperatures adn weather patterns. Natural loofah sponges are an alternative to plastic made loofahs. The long term production process of plastic loofahs effect the temperature and weather patterns because factories they are made in, have not be sustainable enough to reduce pollution, landfill, and more.
      • Are zero-waste, greener living, and sustainability all the same?
        • Yes. Greener living compose of recycling, cutting down on waste, and being efficient with how you use energy

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